This page is used to explain my philosophical ramblings about beekeeping in general as well as some statistical data.  🙂

The Natural “Barefoot” Beekeeping Approach following Philip Chandler’s basic approach:

  1. Interference in the natural lives of the bees is kept to a minimum.
  2. Nothing is put into the hive that is known to be, or likely to be, harmful to the bees, to us or to the wider environment.
  3. Nothing is taken out of the hive that the bees cannot afford to share.
  4. The bees know what they are doing; our job is to listen to them and provide the optimum conditions for their well-being.

Total Number of Stings: 2

Total Cost To Date:  $1,032.85

Breakdown —

Hive — 44.87%

Clothing — 17.10%

Hive Mgmt App – 1.45%

Bees — 8.33%

Flowers / Seeds — 0.96%

Other — 2.90%

Books — 6.51%

Shipping & Handling — 17.72%

Taxes — 0.16%


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  1. “The Barefoot Beekeeper” was my first beekeeping book too. I really like Phil Chandler and his approach to natural beekeeping.

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