Oh No….


So this morning I take a peek inside the window.  Things are looking GREAT !  The Girls have built the new comb so big they are starting to connect it to the side.  Looking in the front… looks good.  Looking in the middle…. looks good.   Looking at the back…. Hello… what’s this?

It’s a piece of new comb, being built perpendicular to the last comb filled with honey!  What!!  They want to start cross-combing?

Well we can’t have any of that!  It’s not a lot, but they’ve started.  I’ll have to correct that as quickly as possible.  Hopefully I’ll be able to suit up when I get home and put a stop to this.  I may also insert a few empty top-bars to promote some additional comb building.  I will try and get some pictures of their crazy cross-combing.

Stay Tuned !


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