And She Shall Be Called….


Queen Catherine…. also known as Catherine the Great. I am hoping she will weld her great power and produce a strong and prosperous colony, that will this year last the winter.

I was blessed Sunday, May 5, 2013, with a brief visit from Queen Catherine. While viewing the girls through the window, Her Royal Highness made an ever so brief appearance on the edge of some newly produced comb. I watched as she inserted her long, slender and graceful abdomen into various cells. I’m unsure if she was actually laying, or merely inspecting and checking accuracy. In any case, any chance to see HRH through the window is one less requirement to open the hive.

The girls have done a miraculous job of comb building. I may need to insert additional empty top bars soon and move the false back further back in the hive. Although it never happened to me last year (to my knowledge), I really don’t want a swarm THIS year. I did notice an odd looking formation on the side of one of the combs, which I believe to be new. I don’t recall it being there before. It’s not quite large enough to be a queen cell or supersedure/swarm cell, but I’ll watch it carefully.

What’s Bloomin’ is still the same as the last post.


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