The Verdict Is….


There must have been a mix up when I picked up my girls.  My BeeDealer says I must have been given a package with a marked queen, and that they had seemed to recall at the end of that day they were short one marked queen.

So I guess that means Queen Victoria is sporting bright orange/yellow body paint!  🙂

At least I won’t lose her now!

As I didn’t see any BeeBabies last Saturday, I’m thinking I may go in for a check this Saturday.  I’ll be crossing my fingers of seeing good indications that Queen Vicky has stated laying.


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  1. I would definitely recommend going to check the girls out this weekend. If only for the fun of it. If the bees are bringing in pollen, it s a sign that they think that they’re queen-right, which is really good. However, it would be best to check for Vicky and eggs. Though not necessarily in that order, lol. If you find eggs at the bottom of the cells, Vicky is in there doing her job and you don’t need to worry.

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