The Life of a Worker Bee


Worker Bee Life Cycle Time Table

Hatching of Egg — 3 days

Larva stage (fed by other worker bees) — 5 days

Pupa stage — 13 days

Total (New Bee is Born !!) — 21 days

Life Span of Worker Bee After Emergence

House Bee –

Cleans cell and warms brood nest — 1-2 days

Feeds older larvae with pollen and honey — 3-5 days

Feeds young larvae with royal jelly — 6-11 days

Produces wax and constructs comb, also ripens honey — 12-17 days

Guards hive entrance and ventilates hive — 18-21 days

Field Bee –

Forages for nectar, pollen, propolis and water — 22 days –  death


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