Front Entrace Feeders…. GONE !!


So I had installed the front entrance feeders yesterday morning.  I really do like them and they are easy to refill.  When I got home yesterday, all of the syrup was gone, which I half expected.

I had been anxious all day due to everything I had read about front entrance feeders causing robbing.  But I refilled the container.  But then I noticed 4 of the Guard Girls go after something.  I’m not sure what, but it scared me.

Have I laid the ground work for a “robbing” on my girls?  I watched a little longer and I didn’t see it happen again.  “Maybe it was just a one off thing”, I tell myself.

I briefly saw some pollen being brought in, but not nearly the amount that I had seen on Sunday.  I take a quick peek at their comb building, they are still going like gangbusters, so I try to stay calm and head back inside.  I can actually see the comb in the window now!

I have an extremely restless night.  I toss and turn.  Will they get robbed?  Have I don’t the wrong thing?  Everyone says don’t make the rookie mistake and use an entrance feeder.  But what can I do?  I haven’t moved the false back yet so I don’t have many options.

When I get up this morning it’s cold, and I mean COLD…. low 50’s or high 40’s.  I go out to check on the girls.  They took some more syrup from yesterday evening.  There is not a lot of activity, obviously from the cold, although some of the girls are still hanging outside.  Is that odd?

That’s it.  I can’t take it anymore.  I step to the side of the hive and take the feeder out.  It didn’t cause much disruption, again because it’s COLD!!.  A few of the girls came out but I took them with the feeder up by the pergola where I will leave the feeder.  I think to myself, “If I take them for a quick ride, then they will know where to come back too, which will be away from the hive.”

I would rather have an open feeder available to everyone, my girls and the feral hive next door {we’ll call them the “Ferals”), than to potentially lure the Ferals to rob the girls.

I’ve heard mixed things also about leaving open feeders, but until I can get in with the girls this weekend, I don’t know what else to do.

I have figured out that if, after checking on them this weekend, I think they still need to be fed, I will actually put a feeder directly into the Top Bar Hive when I move the false back to the end this weekend.  That will create more space and I will know exactly where it is so that I can take the top off and use a turkey baster to insert additional syrup.

I’m also hoping that I may get in there this weekend and see that they have started capping some nectar and then I won’t need to do anything.  That would be the ideal situation.  I’m also hoping to see that Queen Victoria is laying.

I’ve also figured out that I need to go ahead and come up with some sort of remedy in case the girls do in fact get robbed.  I haven’t yet thrown away their traveling compartment.  So I figure that I will deconstruct it and keep the mesh that was on the side.  I can use that to make some sort of entrance block should the need arise.  That way, the entire entrance will still be able to be ventilated but robbers won’t be able to get in.  I should also go ahead and get a sheet, in case I need that too.  I hear a wet sheet can also aid in thwarting robbers.

This is all so stressful.  I thought this was supposed to calm and center me !

Part of me keeps saying, “The girls have been doing this WAAAAY longer than you.  They know what they are doing.”

I have to trust the girls.


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  1. I haven’t (to my knowledge) had any trouble with robbing. I would say though that you probably don’t need to be feeding them right now because it’s spring, so letting them figure things out would be good. Removing the feeder to a more general location should help reduce robbing, from what I’ve read.

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