Apprehenshion on eBay Front Feeders


So, yesterday I received these front feeders that I had won on eBay.  I was REALLY excited when I saw them, thinking they would be absolutely perfect since the normal front feeders will NOT fit into the front of the hive.  It’s just to big and thick and will not slide into the hive.

The purpose of having the feeder actually fitting into the hive is to prevent other bees from finding the faux nectar and possibly robbing the hive.

So when I saw these on eBay, I was quite excited thinking I had found the perfect solution.  But then, I went to pay for the items, and I noticed that the seller was in China.   This immediately sent up red flags regarding products coming out of China and the numerous issues with them.

Tainted dog jerky treats… Lead laden children’s jewelery… you know what I’m talking about.  So my anxiety is high.  I maybe some syrup last night and put it in the feeder this morning.  I went out to the girls, who were just hanging out and slowly put the feeder into the hive.  Some of the girls were a little agitated, which I should have expected, but actually hadn’t.  It was a tight fit, but a perfect solution for the hive.  I removed the other feeder, which I had just set on the cinder blocks and they seemed to be happy.

My concern is the plastic.  I hope it’s fine.  I pray it’s fine.

Part of my brain says… “Come on… get real.  The plastic container that our Thai food was in last night probably came from China.”

But the other half of my brain is scared that something will leach out of the plastic, turning my little girls into Audrey II types monster bees that fly around the neighborhood telling people to “Feed Me!” or worse…  just outright kill them.

Am I over reacting?  I hope so.  I truly hope so.

Oh… and when I peeked in the window this morning… I actually saw Comb.  Yeah !


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