The Deed is Done !!


So I’ve done it! I’m officially a Bee Guardian!

I picked up the girls around 1 pm today. This was their traveling vehicle…


I had a twinge of angst as I was picking them up, as I asked the man a few questions. He started to answer but I realized he was giving an answer for a Langstroth hive. I told him I was homing them in a Top Bar Hive. And then it happened. There was a noticeable “pause”, and then he says, “Oh”.

He then proceeded to tell me that TBHs were good for his business but not so good for the bees because they were to small and cause them to swarm. I felt somewhat offended and thought I should give him a piece of my mind regarding how the Langstroth hives are used to force the bees into making more honey than necessary.

Langstroth hives are like brothels, with the girls just getting pimped out to make money, wait I mean Honey!!

So I got the girls home and continued prepping their new home.



And then it was time. I dressed in my full Hazmat suit and practiced some deep breathing. The girls and I proceeded back into the woods to their new cabin. I sprayed some water on their cage, popped the top off, and then… Slam (it sounds harder in type). Knocked the girls onto the floor. I take out their first class travel meal. The next step was to now remove the special first class travel pod of Queen Victory, but something went wrong and her pod fell into the box. Panic sets in; what am I to do? The only solution is to reach in and retrieve her. I slowly reached in and started to bring her out. More panic, it seems like I can’t get my hand out, but she finally comes.

I look into her pod. Which one is she? She really doesn’t seem much bigger than her attendants. I didn’t get a marked queen, so I hope she’s really there!

I work on getting her pod ready to hang in the hive and get her situated. I have to leave her in her pod so that the others will accept her as their Queen. They will eat through the candy plug to release her so that she can begin her reign. I will check on her on Saturday to ensure she has been released, and if not I will be her knight in shinning armor. Or at least her knight in white full hazmat suit! I use a thumbtack to suspend her pod between bars 3 and 4.

I spray the girls again and… Slam… Knock the girls to the floor again. I toss the top aside and now begin pouring the girls into their new home. Slam… Pour… Slam… Pour

There are girls buzzing all around me! The experience is almost hypnotic. It is so peaceful and amazing! I try to take it all in as you don’t get to install a whole hive very often!

I begin to close up the hive and then realize that the tack I used to suspend Queen Victoria’s pod seems to be holding the top up just slightly. I continue to close up the hive. I stop to take some pictures only to realize you can’t run an iPhone with gloves on. What to do… What to do.

I make the decision to remove my glove. I can’t risk not getting photos of this important moment



It truly was magical with the girls humming around. I noticed a few girls fanning at the entrance and took this to be a good sign. So I said good night to my girls and thought I deserved a nice glass of wine!

I hope Queen Vicky is free by Saturday so that I won’t actually have to figure out how to let her out.

Good night my sweet girls… Good night



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  1. I’m interested to see how things go for you. I should be getting a Warre’ hive in the mail any day (maybe) and I’m going to be splitting a langstroth hive into it. Not sure what all to expect! It’ll be nice to have someone a few weeks ahead of me to see what’s going on.

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