Respect the Girls


So as I was searching to see if there were any other blogs using the name I chose, I ran across this, which is quite moving… and deals with the thoughts of another Guardian as she was processing honey, and the shame of wasting even one drop.

The level of waste seems tragic to me. Every inch left in the bottom of the extractor; every globule removed with the cappings, represents the entirety of a single bee’s life and work. All that effort! They say that a single bee produces, over the entire course of its life, enough honey to fill up just one-twelfth of a teaspoon. Think then, when you take a bite of your honeyed toast, how many bees have worked to create this breakfast? They have flown a million flights, foraged ten million flowers, worked the long hours of every sunlit day, they have worked till their wings are torn and broken and they can fly no more. They die far from home, alone, to save their sisters the effort of clearing their body from the ever-clean hive.

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  1. This is a very cool post. Makes me think more about bees! I have a hive in my ground where all my ivy is at the front edge of my property…I’ve watched the bees in close proximity, but they haven’t ever been disturbed by my presence, so I just leave ’em be(e). Figure they’ll do whatever it is they need to do and then move along eventually. They are brown in color…but I have no idea what they are.

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